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Chasing Chickens Around Chicago, Or How a Chef Supports Local Farms

Sourcing locally is a commitment that is both rewarding and frustrating for a chef.

When my wife Lori and I started White Oak Gourmet — our home meal delivery service in suburban Chicago — 13 years ago, it was quite difficult to source organic and local. It is easier now, but challenges remain.

Up until just a short time ago, we had to chase down our chicken order on the truck from Gunthorp Farms, an Indiana producer of pasture-raised livestock that built its business around purveying directly to leading Chicago restaurants. As they did not deliver in our area at the time, we would sometimes have to meet the driver at Lula Cafe or behind Frontera Grill.

Occasionally we have what sometimes feels like clandestine meetings to pick up orders from our farmers in the alleys behind restaurants such as FlorioleHopleaf and The Bristol in Chicago.

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The Mediterranean way to a long life

Drink a glass of olive oil every day – the Mediterranean way to a long life by Tim Spector, October 9  I felt nauseous and dizzy. My attempted one week of following the intensive olive oil diet was not going well. It was eight in the morning and on an empty stomach...

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Unlocking Sprouted Grains

A sprouted grain is the beginning of a grain seed's life cycle, before it becomes a mature plant. Given just the right temperature and moisture conditions, the outer layer will split open and a young shoot will sprout out of the grain, releasing vital nutrients and enzymes stored inside. Grain...

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